Tool Time

I’m on the hunt for new tools. This is not a drill.

(ba, dum, tss)

Here are 16 #tools every #marketer should have in their toolbox (in no particular order):

1. Slack: for internal communications (and self-expression through gifs)

2. Asana: for project management

3. for effective video editing and review

4. Loom: for screen-capture recordings

5. Calendly: for optimizing meeting/appointment scheduling

6. G-Suite: for email and workspace collab

7. Canva: for easy peasy graphic design

8. Hustle: for a 1:1 text messaging service with an awesome interface

9. Evernote: for curating notes, inspiration, images, bookmarks, eureka moments, anything really

10. Grammarly: for writing like a viking

11. Powerthesaurus: for alternative words

12. Whatfont Chrome Extension: for font envy

13. Headspace: for maintaining sanity (with meditation)

14. Miro: for online brainstorming

15. / coffitivity: for getting into the zone

16. Unsplash/Pexel: for free stock images

What’s missing? Share your favorite tools in the comments. 👇

#tools #productivity #marketing