Hi. We’re Bald.

We are a cleverly creative, full-service brand marketing agency. We live on the story side of marketing – creating meaningful connections with your audience through strategy, branding, and campaigns is what we do. Our only goal: transforming your big (hairy) audacious goals into reality using sharp strategy, crisp creative, and masterful marketing.
Why blend in when you can go Bald?

Bald champions brilliant thinking, bold vision, and big ideas to align brands with their people. We’re in the business of building brands. Whether it’s developing your positioning, shaping your brand’s identity, helping you articulate your story, or elevating your brand with a cut-through campaign, Bald-ing is inevitable. We partner with clients in deep collaboration and deliver results with intense determination. It’s just what we ‘do!

How do you ‘do?

How to be top of mind


To Baldly go where no brand has gone before!

Bald brings the unconventional thinking needed to create memorable moments that inspire meaningful change. We throw out the textbooks and break the norms to inspire people to think, feel, or dream. By combining strategy, creativity, and marketing, we weave together a brand message that resonates with your audience. Our unique approach allows us to help you stand out in a crowded market and create a lasting impact for your brand.

Who we Serve

Bald serves brands looking to make a dent in the universe.

We specialize in working with brands that are passionate about making an impact in the world. We’re all about innovation and fresh ideas, and we work closely with our clients to create marketing strategies that align with their values. Whether you need a brand refresh, killer content, or an engaging digital experience, we’ve got you covered. 


Bald lives to be:


we’re the architects of vision


we proceed with courage


we build on strong foundations


we aspire for simple brilliance


we encourage love and laughter


we create things that matter


we tap into the beat of culture


we like to leave the world in a better place

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Give us a buzz for these 3 things:

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit / Branded Content Agency / Mission and Vision / Positioning / Unique Value Proposition / Brand Purpose / Brand Voice / Messaging / Brand Architecture / Brand Story Agency / Naming / Internal Branding / Personal branding / Trend & Cultural Analysis / Personas / Brand Strategy Workshops

Brand Creative

Brand Identity & Design / Rebranding / Brand Launches / Key Marketing Collateral / Campaigns / Creative Marketing Agency / Conference & Event Branding / Online Production / Video production / Marketing Activations / Photography / Branding Professional Services

Brand Marketing

Marketing Strategy / Non-Profit Marketing Agency / Campaigns / Social Media Strategy / Brand Consultants / Content creation / Production Strategy / Crowdfunding Strategy / Website Development / App Development / Communications Planning / Digital Communications / Rebrand Agency / Brand Activations / Advertising Agencies in Atlanta / Installations and store pop-ups.


Our unique process transforms problems into meaningful moments of engagement that propel action and growth. Emotion, insight, and imagination are at the core of our practice. Relentless passion and profound curiosity are the drivers of our pursuits.

The magic’s not just in the results.
It’s in the process too.

our flow:

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The brands our team has worked with…


Bald is a collective of global brand builders, strategists, marketers, copywriters, designers, animators, producers, digital masterminds, and all-around good humans. From creating remarkable work, to our client experience, smooth is how we like to cut it.