Let Your Heart Rule

We like to think we have dominion over the mind. That we make our own decisions that are logical and correct. That we choose our careers, our partners, the places we live, the cars we drive and the food we eat for breakfast for practical, considered reasons. The correct balance of vitamins and minerals.

But we know that that’s not true. If we let logic dictate our decisions, we would be overcome by the inertia of trying to figure it out and get it right. All the possibilities of more lucrative careers, better partners, easier cities and even better breakfast choices that have an even higher complement of vitamin and minerals and conform to our environmental and sustainable footprint goals.

Our preferences and the real reasons we make the decisions we make, come from a place that’s inexplicable. A place that makes stories out of separate events. And adds color and nuance to daily situations.

So we say, let’s stop pretending that the head is in charge. Let’s acknowledge the heart, because it already is our guide.

Taryn Scher, 
Creative Director