H/T to Marketers

#Marketers wear many hats. At times, it can feel overwhelming. What #skills do you believe are essential for a marketer today? Here’s my (partial) roundup:

Marketing automation. Vendor negotiation. Data visualization. Brand activation. Content creation.

Coaching, launching, and onboarding. Hiring. Inspiring. Swag hoarding.

Inbound, outbound, video with surround sound. Squarespace or Wix. The marketing mix. Data and analytics.

Design, out-of-home, mobile phone. UX/UI. Gamify.

SEO, PPC, b2b, and b2c. Above the line, below the line, data mine, meet the deadline.

Installation. Inspiration. Did you send the email invitation? Writing, nail-biting, again all-nighting.

Campaigns, domains, PR and press. Advertising, optimizing. WordPress.

Positioning. Social listening. Annual Report’s a lock. Social strategy: should we be on tik-tok?

Podcast, audio, sound-check.

Another revision? What the heck?