A Strategy Love Song

To be a great #brandstrategist, you have to fall in #love with the #brand you’re working with. How? Here’s an exercise: write the brand a love song. Try it. See what benefits bubble up. Here’s one I wrote for my allergy medicine as an assignment for my Master’s program at SVA.

Will you be my Antihistamine?

(To the tune of Imagine by John Lennon)

Imagine all the sneezing,

It makes your eyeballs cry,

Nose is red and itchy,

Throat is sore and dry,

Imagine all the sniffling,

When living with allergies.

Imagine there’s no Kleenex,

No soft tissue in sight,

Standing in a crowded subway,

Or on a trans-Atlantic flight.

Imagine all the mucus,

Flooding the Eustachian tube.

You-ooh ooo

You may wish me gesundheit,

And say that everything’s gonna be just fine.

But Zyllergy – you are my savior,

Will you be my Antihistamine?

I can’t imagine life without you,

Please forgive me for my candor,

Until the day I met you,

I could not go near dander.

Imagine the joyful feeling,

Of breathing through my nose.

You-oohoo, you may say I’m a heavy breather,

And that my ENT has lost his mind,

But Zyllergy, shucks, you’re a keeper.

Will you be my Antihistamine?

You-oohoo, you can say I’m a sneezer,

And that everything will be just fine.

But Zyllergy – you’re the chosen one.

Will you be my Antihistamine?