Just as he launches his fist through the air towards the arm of his twin brother, I swoop in like Batman with only seconds to spare and manage to save the day with a simple phrase that has the power of a vibranium shield:

“Use. Your. Words!”

Crisis averted. Fists go down. Eyes begin to roll. A grunt.

In #brandstrategy, words are everything. #Words shape #ideas. They give them their power. Everything from democracy and capitalism to veganism and minimalism came into existence with words. The power of language is so paramount that the greatest act of creativity – the very creation of the world – came about through the utterance of words. Our words matter.

Words inspire. Words cause pain. Words make us smile and move us forward. Words start wars. Words express love. And words can create chaos.

As a #strategist, my goal is to start becoming more intentional with my words. As we live in these tense times, my hope is that we can all begin to try harder to understand each other’s worldviews and find more positive ways to utilize our words.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always a time out.