The Think Equation

The greatest value I believe I bring to my work as a #marketer and #strategist…. is probably how I think.

But #thinking is what I often feel I have the least time to do.

Between deadlines, meetings, admin, tweeting, coffee in, report out, all hands, hand over, strategy deck, status check, onboard, offload, download, paper load, ready to explode. Who has time to #think?

If #thinking = x / time = 0, then the #Thinking is carried over… to when exactly?

Are there statistics out there of #marketers struggling with the same issue? Probably! (ba, dum, dis)

So, here are a few things that are helping me carve out time to think:

1. No Zoom #Fridays

2. No #meetings past 5PM. 5-6:30pm is my best thinking time.

3. Putting my mind into neutral and doing some physical activity with my #hands and/or #legs (loading the dishwasher, grocery shopping, cooking, walking, exercising)

4. #Writing

5. Escaping to #nature when I can

6. or coffitivity for #focused thinking

7. Recently joined the #5amClub. The two extra hours of quiet in the early morning to read, think, and plan have been a game changer.

What hacks have you found to be able to #think?