Q&A with our Creative Duo, Fer & Svenja

How did you get together, and when did you start working as a team? 

We met in Mexico, in college, seventeen years ago. Even though we started working separately in different agencies like Wunderman Thompson and DDB, we always worked together, brainstorming and sharing our ideas. It wasn’t until we came back to Wunderman Thompson that we officially started working as a team. That was eight years ago. And ever since, we’ve also worked together in Prague and Germany, from where we’re currently working remotely for Bald.

What has been your greatest work achievement as a couple? 

Even before working together, we’ve always found it rewarding when the other succeeded. Like the time we both won at Cannes, for example, which made us twice as happy. Sharing that happiness with someone you admire, respect, and you work with feels great, because we know all the effort and hard work we’ve put into everything we’ve done. 

As a hands-on team, we’re always looking for a solution, thinking “what can we do now to make this work?”. Whether it’s with illustrations, basic animations we learn from tutorials on YouTube, projections, or even creating a cartoon of our cats… we just go for it.

What are some of the benefits of working together, both personally and professionally?

There are many things we enjoy about working together, like brainstorming in person – it’s much better and easier, especially when you come up with a great idea in the shower, and you know you’ve got someone right there you can share it with. 

We also listen, support and respect each other and the ideas we bring to the table.

It’s really a win-win. And as we’re keen on doing work that’s entertaining and humorous, we’re always having fun. 

What’s it been like working remotely as co-creatives?  

It’s worked really well. It helps us concentrate, and we can put on our music as loud as we like, without wearing headphones! We’ve been living and working together for a while now, so it’s almost the same for us, just with the added benefit of saving money on food and transportation!

The big question everyone wants to know: how do you keep the spark alive at home and at work when you work together all the time?

For us, working with a partner is like having a relationship: you have to trust each other, listen, respect each other’s opinions and ideas, and defend these, no matter whose idea it is. It’s that feeling of support and admiration you get from your partner that fuels you up. And, of course, always having fun. And even if we’re a couple, we complement each other as each has their own personality and voice.

This Valentine’ s Day, what would be your message to other couples who work together?

We don’t celebrate it, but for those who do (and this is a Valentine’s Day post after all) we would say enjoy it and have fun, cos when you work together, Valentine’s Day is every day. And no matter if you end up ordering pizza or Chinese when working late, you can always make it count as a romantic dinner.