Navya Hypnosis

Shalom Tzvi Shore is a hypnotherapist with his own private practice, Navya Hypnosis. Sessions are more emotionally involved than typical talk therapy, lasting 90 minutes and fully eyes-closed as Shalom guides you through a controlled, emotional journey.


Shalom had a unique vision with immense potential, but little-to-no brand strategy behind it. Our challenge was to find a way to elevate and communicate the Navya Hypnosis brand, striving to make them stand out whilst retaining their brand essence and fostering a greater sense of community.



Our client interviews uncovered that Shalom works greatly with people looking to overcome deep pain and trauma who had past experience with traditional and/or alternate forms of therapy, but were unsatisfied with their progress. They sought something different and Navya Hypnosis was exactly what they had been looking for. 

With this insight and the ultimate goal of alleviating suffering at the center of our process, we built a brand strategy that expresses the need for healing, empathizes with it, and provides the promise of better results through self-driven work and a safe container for vulnerability. 


We uncovered and articulated the unique role Navya Hypnosis occupies in the industry, lying at the intersection of therapy, coaching, and wellness. This propels the brand closer to the mainstream in order to reach a wider audience, while retaining its differentiation.


Navya Hypnosis is an alternate mode of therapy for those frustrated with traditional forms, and who are courageous enough to engage in a more powerful method of healing.


Individual agency, collaboration, aspirational thinking, authenticity 


Simple, optimistic, visionary, human

Brand strategy pyramid for Navya Hypnosis

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