Hole in Won

“Let’s build a custom-designed mini-golf course.”

This was the #idea I pitched to my #creative team. All the other brand activations on the table were as exciting as a cold bowl of mashed potatoes.

One problem: my boss wasn’t buying it. It took me 3 hours to convince him that my idea deserved a shot.

An arrow in every #brandstrategist‘s quiver is the ability to #sell. Ideas are great but, essentially, are worthless. Ideas that get adopted; however, hold profound value.

Here’s what I’ve learned about #selling ideas:

1. #Pitch with #enthusiasm. You’d be surprised how many people pitch an idea like they’re getting a molar removed. I get it can be intimidating, but enthusiasm is infectious.

2. Use visual aids. To better sell my mini-golf idea, I started sketching it out. Showing how it would work made it more tangible and real. Some struggle to #imagine an idea from words alone. Sharing an image aligns your vision with theirs.

3. #Practice. The only way to get better is to keep at it. Volunteer to #pitch your team’s ideas every time you get a chance. Use apps like Speeko and Orai: AI Speech Coach to help improve your public speaking.

It’s been said that conception is nothing without delivery. Coming up with the idea is the start. Selling your idea is the hole in won.