Moms in the Network

When I was 27, I joined a network, and the first thing I was told was how great the maternity policies are. Four months of fully paid leave. This was a company that supported women…

Q&A with our Creative Duo, Fer & Svenja

We met in Mexico, in college, seventeen years ago. Even though we started working separately in different agencies like Wunderman Thompson and DDB, we always worked together, brainstorming and sharing our ideas. It wasn’t until we came back to Wunderman Thompson that we officially started working as a team…

The Think Equation

The greatest value I believe I bring to my work as a #marketer and #strategist…. is probably how I think.

But #thinking is what I often feel I have the least time to do.

Listen In

Listening to #podcasts is one of the best ways to keep up with the fast pace of #marketing, #branding, and #culture. They’re like a protein shake for the brain – building new muscles when the workout is washing the dishes or walking the dog.

Here’s where I go to get my podcast fix

First the Worst, Second the Best

One of my favorite #campaigns is Avis’s iconic ‘We Try Harder’.
What I love about it is not just how counterintuitive it is to acknowledge a supposed disadvantage. But it’s the brilliant #reframing of this disadvantage as a point of strength and #differentiation – that is the mark of genius #insight.

H/T to Marketers

#Marketers wear many hats. At times, it can feel overwhelming. What #skills do you believe are essential for a marketer today? Here’s my (partial) roundup.

A Strategy Love Song

To be a great #brandstrategist, you have to fall in #love with the #brand you’re working with. How? Here’s an exercise: write the brand a love song. Try it. See what benefits bubble up. Here’s one I wrote.

Charge your Creativity

We left #NewYorkCity over the summer.

As a #creativestrategist, I am deeply impacted by the aesthetics around me. And New York City is chock-full of #creative inputs. You catch my I <3 NY drift. In NYC, my creative #energy was always skyscraper high. We lived 4 inspired years in the city. And then the pandemic hit.

Tool Time

I’m on the hunt for new tools. This is not a drill. (ba, dum, tss)

Here are 16 #tools every #marketer should have in their toolbox (in no particular order)