The Think Equation

The greatest value I believe I bring to my work as a #marketer and #strategist…. is probably how I think.

But #thinking is what I often feel I have the least time to do.

Listen In

Listening to #podcasts is one of the best ways to keep up with the fast pace of #marketing, #branding, and #culture. They’re like a protein shake for the brain – building new muscles when the workout is washing the dishes or walking the dog.

Here’s where I go to get my podcast fix

First the Worst, Second the Best

One of my favorite #campaigns is Avis’s iconic ‘We Try Harder’.
What I love about it is not just how counterintuitive it is to acknowledge a supposed disadvantage. But it’s the brilliant #reframing of this disadvantage as a point of strength and #differentiation – that is the mark of genius #insight.

H/T to Marketers

#Marketers wear many hats. At times, it can feel overwhelming. What #skills do you believe are essential for a marketer today? Here’s my (partial) roundup.

A Strategy Love Song

To be a great #brandstrategist, you have to fall in #love with the #brand you’re working with. How? Here’s an exercise: write the brand a love song. Try it. See what benefits bubble up. Here’s one I wrote.

Charge your Creativity

We left #NewYorkCity over the summer.

As a #creativestrategist, I am deeply impacted by the aesthetics around me. And New York City is chock-full of #creative inputs. You catch my I <3 NY drift. In NYC, my creative #energy was always skyscraper high. We lived 4 inspired years in the city. And then the pandemic hit.

Tool Time

I’m on the hunt for new tools. This is not a drill. (ba, dum, tss)

Here are 16 #tools every #marketer should have in their toolbox (in no particular order)

Hole in Won

“Let’s build a custom-designed mini-golf course.” This was the #idea I pitched to my #creative team. All the other brand activations on the table were as exciting as a cold bowl of mashed potatoes.

One problem: my boss wasn’t buying it. It took me 3 hours to convince him that my idea deserved a shot.


Just as he launches his fist through the air towards the arm of his twin brother, I swoop in like Batman with only seconds to spare and manage to save the day with a simple phrase that has the power of a vibranium shield: “Use. Your. Words!”