Six Million


6 Million Voices is an interactive program division within the East Valley JCC, equalizing Holocaust education for all by reaching and meeting people around the world through comprehensive Holocaust education designed for modern learning. Their aim is to foster acceptance and peace by honoring and respecting individual histories, while shifting Holocaust education towards the understanding and recognition of personal responsibility rather than solely remembrance.

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How can we best position 6 Million Voices for the future of Holocaust education?


Create a distinct visual identity and voice that communicates the centre's message in a cohesive, compelling manner as they continue to evolve and scale the busineness.



Position 6 Million Voices for the future of Holocaust education through informed key messaging and renaming process.


Crafting a cohesive and distinctive visual identity system that is differentiating while remaining true to the space they’re in.


Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research, including several interviews and direct program engagement, we were able to generate insights and craft a strong positioning for the organization that differentiated them within the larger Holocaust education space. With this strategic approach and a competitive audit, extensive brand audit, and new naming process, we created a unique visual identity system that spoke to the essence of the organization, balancing their valuable recognition and honoring of the past with their future-facing message

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