Charge your Creativity

We left #NewYorkCity over the summer.

As a #creativestrategist, I am deeply impacted by the aesthetics around me. And New York City is chock-full of #creative inputs. A walk to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. The architecture of Soho. People-watching on the subway. The arts and #culture scene in Brooklyn. The billboards. The subway #ads. The graffiti, the art installations, the pop-ups, and the festivals. You catch my I<3 NY drift. In NYC, my creative #energy was always skyscraper high.

We lived 4 inspired years in the city. And then the pandemic hit. Followed by a move to the suburbs. I was worried I would lose my #creative mojo faster than a rat dragging pizza down a subway stair.

A study has shown that the linkage between city living and #creativity is rooted in the spillover from #diversity. The mixing and mingling of people and cultures invite the strange and the new, prying open the #mind.

Unfortunately, like toilet paper on pandemic eve, creative inputs in the suburbs are in short supply. So I’m searching for supplements to boost my #imagine system.

A few things I am experimenting with:


Nature trail to walk

Polaroid photography

Writing every day

Connecting with the people in my creative network

Friends, what are you doing to keep your #creative edge?